Vahe Mouradian, Iranian artist, was born to Nicola and Sanam Mouradian on August 20,1938 in Tehran. Fifteen years younger than the youngest of the family, he became the center of attention and grew up with inordinate love and affection.
After finishing his secondary schooling in “Kooshesh” high school, he continued his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, where he distinguished himself by graduating with honors in 1960.
From his early childhood to his adult life, Vahe was totally engrossed in painting, to the extent that nothing could separate him from it. However, to sustain a living, he was forced to undertake other non- artistic works.
Vahe was a kind and affectionate person, loved and revered by his friends and famous for his generosity. Unfortunately, at the peak of his most productive age, he fell to a lengthy illness that deprived him from the joy of painting. He died, on May 30, 2002.
Vahe has left behind many sweet and sour memories, together with his art. To keep his memory alive, I present his volume of a small collection of his works to lovers of art.